Birdsong Ventures is a collective of Entrepreneurs, Angels, Advisors, Mentors, Marketers and Activists focused on introducing brands to disruptive technology and investing in seed stage companies specifically in the consumer internet, SoLoMo and second screen digital entertainment verticals.

Our members have lived in the trenches of the corporate brand and entrepreneurial communities for years. With that experience we've refined the art of delivering innovative results to our partners with a focus on relevance as the key to return on investment.

What we like to do is facilitate the handshake between brands, founders, financiers, technologists and consumers with efficiency, credibility and style.


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20 insanely great U2 songs only hardcore fans know.



On LinkedIn, read Mayor Bloomberg’s tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur based on his experience of building a company from the ground up, leading New York City as mayor, and founding a philanthropic organization:

  1. Take risks.
  2. Make your own luck.
  3. Be persistent.
  4. Never stop learning.
  5. Give back.

Great advice, from NYC’s digital mayor.


Elon Musk is hyping up plans to whisk travelers from city to city at lightning speeds, but don’t hold your breath. Until Hyperloop arrives, here’s a look at the fastest high-speed rail you can take a ride on right now.


Here’s what happens every single second on the Internet.


A charming color video of New York in 1939, when a pina colada was five cents and everyone wore hats.

Read: A Vibrant Peek Inside 1939 New York

This is EPIC!

(via theatlantic)



First U.S. Spacewalk, By Astronaut Ed White, Occurred 48 Years Ago Today (VIDEO)

Read more:

Photo Credit: NASA

A little slice of space history: Looking back at the first space walk (EVA).

(via futurist-foresight)


This graph dramatically illustrates the rapidly decreasing price of solar power.


Solar power’s massive price drop, in one graph.

(via futurescope)


In Focus: Signs of Spring

While the official first day of spring was three weeks ago, many in the northern hemisphere are only just starting to experience warmer weather. People, plants, and animals are beginning to emerge from their winter modes to step outside, bloom, and otherwise welcome the sunshine. These photos show glimpses of the new season from around the world, as we shake off the winter and greet the spring.

Read more. [Images: Reuters, AP, Getty]


“In 5 years, a computer system will know what I like to eat better than I do.” IBM is using the five senses to tell us about the five future technology innovations coming our way in the near future. Today, the focus is on taste. Watch the full video and tell us what you think. 


A great launch! (Thank you to Mhairi Steele for this submission).

“An awesome pic of a SES satellite services launching thanks to the ILS International Launch Service.”

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